Monday, April 28, 2014

High Heels

How come there are some ladies wear heels as if they are wearing their skin? 
If high heels = ladylike then I .... *flee*
No wonder Cinderella also purposely drop her heels (?)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

化妆的天分 Make-up Talent

*One day*
 *I bought one eyeliner before this! Gonna use it!*

How come every make-up bloggers make up so easy but when I ...... (flip table)
and why my eyeliner dried so fast?!!!   (flip chair)   *Used once to draw on paper only*

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Room condition of a workaholic

I am not a person has OCD in hygiene but I am not a dirty person because I still... clean my room.
The only problem is when and how often. 
Being a decent lady (yeah I am self-praising now) and there is no dress code in office which escalate another problem to me: WHAT to wear to office? Believe I ask myself this "W" every  morning as if it is mantra to lead me to my wardrobe and form an image in my head to inspire me. 

Try on one. Nope.
Try on the second trial. Nope. No this either.
Try on the third time. I think the first one is the best.

Such vicious cycle.

If you think I can clean when I'm back from home, you're wrong. Whenever I am in the mood to do my laundry, the clothes in my basket is not full enough to fill the minimum capacity. Whenever it is full, I am not in the mood. 

There are two empty Jacobs tins under my table which serve as a stepping stone purpose because it will be more comfortable. I am on my third Jacobs tin now so sooner or later I need to eliminate one out. I will arrange the tins in a line for better vision effect when I am in the good mood too.

The wardrobe. 

Urgh. The wardrobe. I can only tidy them up on Saturday but only will mess them up again on Monday. My evil side starts to whisper to me to not to tidy them at all if their life span is 2 days only. Luckily I still fold my clothes on Saturday as always.... I think.

Please tell me a rehabilitation centre for me to apply. 
Thank you.