Friday, October 26, 2012

The Best Gamer Goes To...

Nope,  I'm just a sidekick. I play games occasionally.

I always wanna introduce applications to my mom but she always shrugged it off. So far I get NO from her when I kinda try to "hard sell" it to my mom. Heh. 
One day, I guess my hypnotization works.

I am the second user of the Ipad. >< 
My mom can rob it from me  use it whenever she likes.
Who say only youngsters these days are addicted to game? 
Apparently, my mom is the exceptional case. 
The world had changed. 
You will not win if you dare to take Ipad away from mommy. Rawr...
She become top scorer every week on Diamond Dash tournament among my sis Facebook friends..  I guessed my mom has hidden gaming ability. o.O!

Here is the pic I upload in my Facebook about my mom gaming condition.XD

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Maybe I should stop.


My mom is complaining I had finished most of her food around the house. and she is not buying anymore until I went back to my university. **cry**
Have the urge to make a cup of coffee during rainy day. Nothing can beat the combination of a cup of Ipoh white coffee and a few slice of biscuits. It is a MUST.

Oh, it's raining now.
Off to go to grab a few bites...

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Gotta Catch 'Em All!

                Internet keeps on disconnect these days...

                          5 minutes later...  

No offense... I liked Pokemon since I was small and I even played the gameboy version. It was so popular at that time and I still have the poster of all the pokemon collection on my wall. (Smile)  I even tried to remember all the pokemons on the poster back then! Don't asked me now, I got amnesia now. 
It was my weekend favourite cartoon other than Mr. Bean. ^^

There are so many pokemon version now. Ash is not the same ash(different cap) and Misty looks different(weird hairstyle) but Rock still look the same though. :]  At least Rocket team still said the same classic dialogue opening and flied to the sky and become a star at each episode which is comforting.XD
Gosh, so many pokemons invented and I can't really recognized them now. 
Same goes with Digimon (First version supporter) 

The pokemon movie I watched had Piplup in it. (It has annoying sound too. sorry.) and Zorua too. (Feel like struggled it because it keeps on giggling and transformed into Ash and continued giggled. ==||| )  
How come when I was little I was immuned to Pikachu "pika pika" sound? Hmm, weird...

p/s: My favourite pokemon back then was Charmander. (char!!!) and  Mew(totally awe at the psyhic power)

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

New Toy!

After that my mom interrogated asked me about it... 

Mom: Above RM300? 
Me: No (Poker face)
Mom: Sure???
Me: Nod nod.. (Still poker face)
       I did a lot research.. It's cheapest you can find in whole Malaysia... 
       (Did I just say WHOLE Malaysia? o.O)

I just gave her a vague answer about how much it cost... and happily use the first photo during her 
birthday. XD

Why am I buying it? Been thinking of buying for some time now buy don't really have the 'ohm' to do so until recently there have been a lot of sign to tell me to buy it so I BOUGHT it. XD Just a girl who don't go against god "signal" to you. Heh.

Always liked vintage and antique stuff although it may seems "reversed" technology for others as it can't make sure every picture you take is pimple-free or trolled-face perfect. Dreamed to own it for a long time and finally it's here! Woohoo!

but my skinny wallet is now skinnier as ever.  ==

Just in case you are interested to purchase an instant camera (Yay!),  I bought from Royal SHOP Instax Mini 7s(from Facebook) They provided a lot value packages to buy and the prices is really reasonable compare to local stores. I bombarded them a lot of questions about which camera should I buy (sorry... ><) and they are happily answered each of my questions. Had a nice experience with them. =]

First arrival:


After unpacked it:

2 pack films+1 black hamburger bag+1 deco sticker +1 set filmskin+manual book+ lens+strap+warranty 1 year and free post laju

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Battle of Consciences


              In the end....    

I would like to say thank you to all my friends who went shopping with me and didn't abandoned me...You are really a true friend! 

Why the clothes these day is so expensive? I always end up standing in the shop making all these life-death decisions... What to do? Poor life. (look far) Sometimes I even walked all the shops in the shopping complex so that I can compare the prices of similar product. *Facepalm*  In the end, I didn't bought anything at all after all the trouble...Maybe next time I use toss-coin method to decide? Or pluck-flower method? HA. 

Are you having the same condition like me?


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Saturday, October 6, 2012

"Noticeable" Haircut

There are 3 unwritten haircut rules I must follow no matter what...
(draft and set by MOM)

Some of my friends are having the same hair style for 5 years (or since I know her) during my school days. One of my friends has the same haircut among the her sisters which means sisterA, sisterB, sisterC all has the same watermelon haircut! By the time you look at them, you will have a click that they are rom SAME family with no doubt. Pffft...Guess it is convenient when you lost your sister then you tell the receptionist: "Find my sister that same as me **point to hair**" XD

My only big difference haircut now is my fringe. When I didn't cut my hair for 2-3 months, my fringe is long enough to cover all my face... Like **zhen zhi (贞子)**


I had cut my diaphragm-length hair!!! (sounds weird...) I also do straighten my hair and now I looks like an Egypt goddess woman because of my super straight neat fringe and hair. 

The more I look, the more I looks like...


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