Sunday, September 30, 2012

I had a long hair

My hair is getting longer and longer these days. 
Why? Because I feed myself well.(Of course...  :P  )
How long? Until I often subconsciously get stuck by something because of my hair.. >.<
My mom even remind me to tie up my hair the moment I open my eyes in the morning until I sleep because my hairs is basically "everywhere". =3=

Let's hope that my mom will not snap and resort to THAT way to make me become "Si Botak". ><

I didn't realize my hair has grow so long because I seldom cut my hair (Save money $$$ ) 
My mom thinks that every sting of hair in my house now is from me which I always "debate" with her. I am not the only one that have hair in the house, right? Maybe I should dye my hair in pure white (same as my white tile floor) so that they are not that visible. Heh.

Now I feel blessed everyday when I wake up with my long hair still with me. XD

p/s: Happy moon cake festival!!!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Holiday Resolution?!!

Nobody wants to do unproductive work in holiday but it feels so good to do nothing...  (=3= )~~Y
Lets just hope that my to-do-list for my holiday manage to check out some of it.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Shower Girl

**This post does not contain any sexy content (sorry! :P)**

One day, when I was doing my laundry...

I had done my laundry at that time so I actually didn't manage to see if she eventually "succeeded" to go to shower or not. XD  
Felt strange when someone wrapping her towel and walked around "openly" in the female hostel corridor. 
And the strange part is..? I even counted how many times she walked around because I was so bored when I doing my laundry!!! Pfft....

Interested how she looks like? 
Not Sexy?

Well, she looks... 
not cold at all, despite the raining and wind. AHA! (Wrong focus!)
These day the weather is so cold until I really reluctant to shower. (cold water supply only in hostel) What to do... I scared I might have a stroke because of the coldness if I shower in the morning.  XD

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hostel: The good and the bad

I have been staying in-campus since the first year. Many of my friends didn't consider the option of staying in campus because they think of the curfew the university might implement on us. For me, it didn't affect me because I am a good student. (Aha! ) Actually the curfew of locking the gate after 12am is there but actually there is another gate entrance to walk in which is just a few steps beside the locked gate. (I also don't know the actual purpose of doing so because it is quite unnecessary for me =P)
Pic: The Good
Everyday walking to classes is near (around 10 mins). Sometimes when I have some breaks between the classes, I will back to my room and take a nap first. (Sleep is my first priority ^^)  If not, I will end up dozing in the class struggling to "act" awake while my lecturer laser-eyes penetrate a hole on my skull.However sometimes I end up being little late to class (just 3 mins late!)  because I can run to class and reach in time.
Pic: Nothing is here!
Pic: The bad.
There is no kitchen provided in my hostel, only hot and cold water supply provided so I have to buy A LOT of dry food to prevent starvation. Somehow I ended up eat them because they are in my room and near to my hand reached area. (Eating Monster RAWR)
As you may know Malaysia has a lot holidays in a year but I only go back when I have 3-4 days and not busy with my assignments. Sometimes my roommates go back and I am the only one alone in room. However being alone in room make me do not make any conversation to any people... I ended up mouth-stinking-disorder ( recover immediately when my roommates come back!)
But still... Hostel is still a great place! (Don't raise my rental fee! )