Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Shower Girl

**This post does not contain any sexy content (sorry! :P)**

One day, when I was doing my laundry...

I had done my laundry at that time so I actually didn't manage to see if she eventually "succeeded" to go to shower or not. XD  
Felt strange when someone wrapping her towel and walked around "openly" in the female hostel corridor. 
And the strange part is..? I even counted how many times she walked around because I was so bored when I doing my laundry!!! Pfft....

Interested how she looks like? 
Not Sexy?

Well, she looks... 
not cold at all, despite the raining and wind. AHA! (Wrong focus!)
These day the weather is so cold until I really reluctant to shower. (cold water supply only in hostel) What to do... I scared I might have a stroke because of the coldness if I shower in the morning.  XD


  1. ahaha so cute. what is she doing??

  2. Haha.. I dont know.. XD
    Never stay long enough to find out...