Sunday, September 30, 2012

I had a long hair

My hair is getting longer and longer these days. 
Why? Because I feed myself well.(Of course...  :P  )
How long? Until I often subconsciously get stuck by something because of my hair.. >.<
My mom even remind me to tie up my hair the moment I open my eyes in the morning until I sleep because my hairs is basically "everywhere". =3=

Let's hope that my mom will not snap and resort to THAT way to make me become "Si Botak". ><

I didn't realize my hair has grow so long because I seldom cut my hair (Save money $$$ ) 
My mom thinks that every sting of hair in my house now is from me which I always "debate" with her. I am not the only one that have hair in the house, right? Maybe I should dye my hair in pure white (same as my white tile floor) so that they are not that visible. Heh.

Now I feel blessed everyday when I wake up with my long hair still with me. XD

p/s: Happy moon cake festival!!!