Saturday, October 6, 2012

"Noticeable" Haircut

There are 3 unwritten haircut rules I must follow no matter what...
(draft and set by MOM)

Some of my friends are having the same hair style for 5 years (or since I know her) during my school days. One of my friends has the same haircut among the her sisters which means sisterA, sisterB, sisterC all has the same watermelon haircut! By the time you look at them, you will have a click that they are rom SAME family with no doubt. Pffft...Guess it is convenient when you lost your sister then you tell the receptionist: "Find my sister that same as me **point to hair**" XD

My only big difference haircut now is my fringe. When I didn't cut my hair for 2-3 months, my fringe is long enough to cover all my face... Like **zhen zhi (贞子)**


I had cut my diaphragm-length hair!!! (sounds weird...) I also do straighten my hair and now I looks like an Egypt goddess woman because of my super straight neat fringe and hair. 

The more I look, the more I looks like...


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