Friday, October 26, 2012

The Best Gamer Goes To...

Nope,  I'm just a sidekick. I play games occasionally.

I always wanna introduce applications to my mom but she always shrugged it off. So far I get NO from her when I kinda try to "hard sell" it to my mom. Heh. 
One day, I guess my hypnotization works.

I am the second user of the Ipad. >< 
My mom can rob it from me  use it whenever she likes.
Who say only youngsters these days are addicted to game? 
Apparently, my mom is the exceptional case. 
The world had changed. 
You will not win if you dare to take Ipad away from mommy. Rawr...
She become top scorer every week on Diamond Dash tournament among my sis Facebook friends..  I guessed my mom has hidden gaming ability. o.O!

Here is the pic I upload in my Facebook about my mom gaming condition.XD

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  1. somehow.....i think ur mom and my mom same type LOLOL my mom got addicted to angry birds once...until her mousepad fr work is also angry bird-_-! btw hows your instax playing?

  2. My mom addicted to a lot of the games. Very hard to get the Ipad away from her... XD
    Show off my mini25s to my friends and take quite some photos... Super love the "KaCha" sound.. Hehe..

    1. Oh! You bought the mini 25. How come not the 7? Can I know ur reason? Cus price quite a lot of diff

    2. Mini25s have better auto-light settings, lighter and it has attached the self-portrait mirror (super important to me XD) and less bulky... Most important is the lens it auto contracted in but in 7s you need to pull it out. ( I feel unsafe for that) I actually don't like the shape of 7s at the beginner. I wanted buy mini50s but it actually have the same functions (except timer which I don't really need) like mini25s so I ended up choosing 25s. Hopes it helps =]

      Haha... I think I just wrote a customer feedback-like comment XD

    3. HAHAH ya you did! such a long detailed feedback. Thank you very much! :)

      I am sourcing out fr cheaper options.swt HAHA
      cus rm430 frm the shop...but only free 1 film and nothing else wor.

    4. Haha.. Glad you find it useful! Local shop in my hometown are expensive and no film or camera bag given too. Do tell me if you found a cheaper films! Manage to find only RM24. =]

    5. ouh! the cheapest i found was rm25. so yours is way better!! Hopefully to get mine by xmas!!~ got tons of reasons to use then! HAHA

    6. Hehe... I usually persuade myself this is a present to myself for my birthday and so far I already used up my next next year self-bought birthday present quota... Hahaha..
      Hope you get it by christmas(by Santa?)!!! XD

    7. hahaha! maybe will get it sooner. cause everywhere no stock. so far cheapest mini25 i found is rm380+film.
      btw can buy this!

    8. Thanks!!! So so so grateful! ^^