Saturday, November 3, 2012

New Class! New Lecturer!!!

**Lighting effect + Drumroll**

Seriously, my lecturer had been looking at his belovedamazingeyedazingblackholesucking paper notes for the whole lesson. He seems like a programmed-human-like robot. ==
His praises are only "good try!", "good try, A", "good try, B". Who's is the programmer anyway???

I can only say... he is

Really weird,

Super weird,

Super duper weird dude. **nod nod**

Not that I say all the lecturers are bad or something but there are usually some lecturers you have make you shake your head. Some lecturers are actually overwhelmed by students' miniconcertsecretagentdiscussion voice but still pretend to ignore it.

On the bright side! (Which side?) I had a good lecturer this semester who teaches computer graphics!!! Why I like his teaching? Yup! He DRAWS.... A LOT. I don't care that he draw pie chart or triangles, at least he shows some interactions and activities in the class! ^^ I got another tutor who ran to your place like world-record runner (?) if you raise your hand in lab class and kneeled down to help me to debug my silly codes. (Because he is tall) He sure does embarked my coding skills.

Ok, I think I stop here if not this article will surely turn into a teacher's day appreciation post. XD

What kind of bizarre or weird lecturer you have met?
I'm sure you did meet one or two... *wink wink*

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  1. lol hmm wonder those lecturers got go through teaching 101 or not? kakakaka..
    hey cute blog you got..

  2. Thanks for the compliment! I am thinking they were a student before should know this kind of teaching is dull... Maybe someone should organize a teaching 101 to rescue them.. ^^

  3. I had a super weird teacher before during form 3 T_T he was an art teacher and he was horrible! 10+ years dy, i still remember his awful attitude. erg* think dy i also scared. HAHAHA! but thnkfully I usually have great teachers! :) *other than this onela-_-*

    1. You are lucky to have so many nice teachers!!! There are many kind of teachers (mostly lazy) but this lecturer will most probably in my top 5 weird teachers list! Haha..

  4. He is just shy..........

    Better than a lecturer who harasses female students :P

    1. Haha.. Really? I guess I misunderstood him then XD
      He maybe will continue to communicate with us through his magical papers this whole semester...