Monday, November 12, 2012

Lecture Class Famous Quote

 Source: FB
1. Later what to eat?
2. What lecturer is talking about?
3. When is time to break?
4. When is time to end class?
5. If I have know this would happened, I shouldn't come.
6. Still got how many slides?!
7. Boring! Boring!
8. Fxxk! I haven't finished copy and you had change your slides!
9. Why no wifi in lecture hall?
10. Cannot tahan dy! *Slip away*

Is not just me doing this is it? right? Right?
Please don't misunderstanding, I am a good student too. ^^

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  1. lol those are really famous quote...
    I am opposite... I am the bad student.. :)
    at least there is something common between good and bad...

    1. Haha... I suddenly feel connected the minute I read this post... Guess it same to everyone who once as a student? XD