Friday, November 16, 2012

Sidekick Interview

Not my style.

Anyway, BlackSesame has a new victim sidekick! 

If you wanna know why BlackSesame desperate looking for a sidekick, click here
Finally, here come the sidekick! I am actually thinking of this a long time ago, I even changed a few version of chima. (Yea, I am BlackSesame with fidgeting mind  \(^^)/  ) 

Please don't mind the height of chima because even with 20cm is still too damn big for a black sesame.  (Can't bring myself to write 2 mm or something like that because in the end it will eventually reflect back to measure BlackSesame's height... *Ripple effect* ) Just take it as a mutatedcoollikewolverinespidermandefinitelynothulkninjaturtleandsexylikemystique(?) sesame evolution. XD

Question with no answer time!
If chima is 20cm then how tall do you think is BlackSesame? 

Hope you like it!

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  1. good luck to chima...
    hope that I will not see in the news that someone "overtreated".... lol
    have a great weekend..