Monday, October 15, 2012

Gotta Catch 'Em All!

                Internet keeps on disconnect these days...

                          5 minutes later...  

No offense... I liked Pokemon since I was small and I even played the gameboy version. It was so popular at that time and I still have the poster of all the pokemon collection on my wall. (Smile)  I even tried to remember all the pokemons on the poster back then! Don't asked me now, I got amnesia now. 
It was my weekend favourite cartoon other than Mr. Bean. ^^

There are so many pokemon version now. Ash is not the same ash(different cap) and Misty looks different(weird hairstyle) but Rock still look the same though. :]  At least Rocket team still said the same classic dialogue opening and flied to the sky and become a star at each episode which is comforting.XD
Gosh, so many pokemons invented and I can't really recognized them now. 
Same goes with Digimon (First version supporter) 

The pokemon movie I watched had Piplup in it. (It has annoying sound too. sorry.) and Zorua too. (Feel like struggled it because it keeps on giggling and transformed into Ash and continued giggled. ==||| )  
How come when I was little I was immuned to Pikachu "pika pika" sound? Hmm, weird...

p/s: My favourite pokemon back then was Charmander. (char!!!) and  Mew(totally awe at the psyhic power)

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  1. kinda agree!! specially the Team rocket pop out that time :)