Saturday, October 13, 2012

New Toy!

After that my mom interrogated asked me about it... 

Mom: Above RM300? 
Me: No (Poker face)
Mom: Sure???
Me: Nod nod.. (Still poker face)
       I did a lot research.. It's cheapest you can find in whole Malaysia... 
       (Did I just say WHOLE Malaysia? o.O)

I just gave her a vague answer about how much it cost... and happily use the first photo during her 
birthday. XD

Why am I buying it? Been thinking of buying for some time now buy don't really have the 'ohm' to do so until recently there have been a lot of sign to tell me to buy it so I BOUGHT it. XD Just a girl who don't go against god "signal" to you. Heh.

Always liked vintage and antique stuff although it may seems "reversed" technology for others as it can't make sure every picture you take is pimple-free or trolled-face perfect. Dreamed to own it for a long time and finally it's here! Woohoo!

but my skinny wallet is now skinnier as ever.  ==

Just in case you are interested to purchase an instant camera (Yay!),  I bought from Royal SHOP Instax Mini 7s(from Facebook) They provided a lot value packages to buy and the prices is really reasonable compare to local stores. I bombarded them a lot of questions about which camera should I buy (sorry... ><) and they are happily answered each of my questions. Had a nice experience with them. =]

First arrival:


After unpacked it:

2 pack films+1 black hamburger bag+1 deco sticker +1 set filmskin+manual book+ lens+strap+warranty 1 year and free post laju

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  1. Ehhh! I wanted to buy aso!! Mind sharing the website ?:)

    1. I updated where to get it in the post. In case you can't find it, try search "Royal SHOP Instax Mini 7s" on facebook. ^^
      Love instant camera!

    2. <3 thank u soso much! I shall buy this as a treat fr myself ! LOLOL

  2. Never make bed, thats y get caught red-handed... >U<