Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Battle of Consciences


              In the end....    

I would like to say thank you to all my friends who went shopping with me and didn't abandoned me...You are really a true friend! 

Why the clothes these day is so expensive? I always end up standing in the shop making all these life-death decisions... What to do? Poor life. (look far) Sometimes I even walked all the shops in the shopping complex so that I can compare the prices of similar product. *Facepalm*  In the end, I didn't bought anything at all after all the trouble...Maybe next time I use toss-coin method to decide? Or pluck-flower method? HA. 

Are you having the same condition like me?


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  1. I also very bad in choosing. Pricing not so difficult.
    Worse is when it comes to colours and patterns.
    Which colour notebook leh. Blue? Green? White?
    What patterns leh? Plain? Stripes? Dots?
    With or without ribbon. With or without straps. all kinds la-_-

    1. Me too! Really envy those who can make decision right away... ^^
      If only I had enough money to buy all... XD

  2. I had problem at choosing too ,
    specially in food LOL!

  3. Food is okay to me because usually food does not really cost expensive and I take back to let my family settle it (Haha), I having trouble when I choose those small pendant accessories to combine together and it usually cost so much a lot! XD