Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hong Kong 2015: Travel Journal + Food

I were skeptical to go to Hong Kong for 4 days breaks as there was a lot of aviation issues. When I FINALLY decided( Should I go? Don't go? Go? Don't go? - repeat 5 times ), I bought the ticket and hopped on the plane within 2 weeks! 

This is not the first time I went to Hong Kong as I went previously with my family on backpacking but I only have a weak reminiscence whether I had travelled to what places before. My old HK travel memory is Disneyland only. :P 

For the 4 days trip in Hong Kong, 1.5 days were quite rainy and wet. (TT-TT) At first I were quite confused with their MTR (not MRT) but after travelled back and forth the stations many times, I am proud to say I'm expert! (?

Close shots:

I searched this Starbucks purposely as this is the only branch that has Hong Kong ancient restaurant interior design. Looks really cool but too bad there is no seat available. ( 3 chairs beside the restroom were the only ones empty)  >oo<  

The weather for the third day was quite cloudy and appears to be rainy. I happened to walk into the tourist information center and guess what? The guide suggested me to randomly pick a bus and sat till the end of the station while enjoying the view along the way. Sounds like a good plan and I did it.

Below is the video I took during the journey :)
What a bad quality of iPhone recording video.

One of the attractions in Hong Kong is their Ding Ding bus. The bus station is not located at the side of the road, it is located in the middle of the big road. The bus does not run on fuel but by electricity cable connected at the top of the bus. Glad that they still keep this kind of buses in operations.

The food schedule was decided by my friend so there was no breakfast > lunch > dinner but 1st meal > 2nd meal >....n+1 meal. I'm dissatisfied with some restaurants to limit min expenses for every customer who opt to dine it. My friend and I had take outs and sat at the road side (looks pitiful!). The so-called-most-popular-beaf-noddles tastes bland and the noodles has a faint smell on it.  

I stole the restaurant brochure when I were strolling randomly on the street. Wish I can try their ordering service. 


I like the floor in Macau (confession?) Macau gives tourist a strong Portugal vibe and the buildings and the floors (2nd confession?) are unique in their own ways. 

Food Porn!

TADAAA! The food logs that I'm proud of and drew all the food I tasted in HK into the journal.

The food in Hong Kong is quite similar to Malaysia food but I love their egg tarts the most. The egg tarts are not too sweet and are crispier compare to Malaysia. I were surprised that the dim sum in Hong Kong operates on 11am! Considered a late operation time for dim sum cuisine (Usually at 7am)

Egg Tarts Collection:
Love egg tart, love egg tart, love egg tartssss.


Will I go to HK anytime again within this year?
Nope in any more years unless I have another agenda. This HK trip lets me to reminisce back my old family HK trip and it was a decent choice to be a getaway for short weekend but don't go at rainy season! Heh..

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