Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Weekend Rotting

These days there are really A LOT of restaurant-eating, Starbuck-ing, airport-checking photos (thanks to Air Asia =w=), and many many more delicious-looking Chinese dim sum, Sepanyol cuisine, steak photos in Facebook, especially when I am super-duper hungry... *growl*
It's seems everyone is rich. (Can throw me some money?) XD

Hehe... This is actually last week post and apparently... I missed it :P  *punchface*
There will be no post next week because I will be buried under the pile of notes.. (I can foresee it) *look far*

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  1. its holiday month maaa..next time u kerja u will doin the same thing too...AHHAAH

    1. Yup, holiday month. Haha.. then next time I shall revenge. *hold fist* XD

  2. CNY is coming ...
    i m sure you have lots of good food and andgpow..
    $$$ coming in ady...