Friday, January 11, 2013

I Am A Plain Water

                                (In the end, I had nothing to write about)  

Do you have a diary-writing habit?

Mine never really lasted long. I had written one when I in my secondary school (mostly gossip stuff XD) and when I read through it again, I fell asleep because the diary is so boring and long. HA. I guessed I bored myself out!

Hee.. The good news is I FINISHED MY FYP report!!! (WooHOO!)
and the bad news are 3 assignments, 2 presentations and 1 Finals are waiting for me.  ==

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  1. plain water pulak.

    i use to write diary from 1998?? but after that i stop..but sometime sif i balik kampung then if i ingat then i go write something..

    1. Your diary in your hometown? Didn't afraid your mom will read it if she find out? =]

    2. nola...i kuncikan one...but i review my diary prob if my mum read it..never been write bad things bout my family :)

  2. I don't write diary..
    but now I write blog.. lol..

    1. Blog = diary. Good Idea. I try to update my blog consistently... *guilty*