Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year 2013!!!

Since I didn't die from doom day 21st Dec and everyone survived through Christmas, I wish everyone 
Happy New Year!!!
Thanks for reading my blog for some times  now despite of my of lack of updates recently... 
*cough cough*

My friends are going to watch concert performance and looking forward to watch some awesome fireworks show and I am here...... (look below) embrace myself with my soon-to-be expired assignments. You can see my FB group recently is full of assignment pictures to realize how crazy mode I am now. XD Let's not lose hope peeps!  Assignments and works can be enjoyable too!!! Let's eat them all up to celebrate after countdown. HA. (<--- Crazy fellow) 

How's your new year eve celebration? ^^

p/s: I had been super eager to be free again so that I can update this webbed-dusty-blog. 
And again! We shall meet again in 2013!!! **Pirates Caribbean background song** (<-- Super duper crazy fella   ==|||)


  1. You too! ^^

    Waiting Finals to over to reborn as free person!

  2. Hi Black Sesame! First time visit your blog. Nice drawing! All of your pictures look very sweet!

    Keep up drawing! ^^ and Happy New Year to you! :)

  3. Hehe.. Thanks and Welcome!!! ^^
    Happy New Year to you too! I am sweet so all the things I draw is sweet... <-- Flying-kicked XD