Wednesday, July 24, 2013

[Korea] Baseball Night

You have no idea how Korean love their baseball sports. Seriously.
They basically eyes fixed on the sport... even my taxi driver driving and had a small LCD screen to watch the LIVE show *gapes*

My seat has the full view of the whole competition but somehow the competition didn't attract my attention because Kia Tigers keep on losing and I messed up all the baseball rules. 

I only know one rule:
Hit the ball -> RUN!  Enemy catches your ball then you are fouled. 

Entrance ticket is 8,000won (RM24) per ticket (different seat different price) and you need to be fast because from what I heard ticket sell out fast every time. Our school organised a "school trip" to take us to the stadium and they said they used "special" relation to get us all the tickets at this time. In baseball, there are different team in each area. The most reputable teams are Kia Tigers, LG,  Lotte Giants..etc.
In Gwangju, the main host is Kia Tigers where else in Busan is Lotte Giants and Seoul has LG. (No such if I got them right though... forgetful..Orz)

The night I went were Kia Tigers VS LG. As you see the result is 2 (Kia) VS LG (11) so there was nothing to talk about. *yawn* So instead I always away my seat to watch hot chicks. ^^

Somehow my polaroid pic turned out sweet. ^^

There were four hot cheerleaders danced and cheered during the competition.  

My baseball-watching-competiton experience turned out to be cheerleaders-watching experience to me and sometimes I forgot I need to focus on the baseball player (if they hit the ball or not) and danced along with cheerleaders. *focus!*  Anyway those cheerleaders were really amazing! They danced and danced every kpop songs with super synced movements and I were mindblowed. I thought I were in mini concert... Aiks!  Focus on baseball player!

Found this on the youtube of Korea baseball cheerleaders performance and I guessed I am not the only one neglected baseball player.

My own video:

Snacks during baseball. I only brought two packets of snacks to the stadium (but I ate one on the bus) so I looked pitiful when I saw a lot of people brought 4-5 pizza big boxes or big box size fried chickens (like A4 paper bix box size ) and beers.

Fun facts: Every baseball player has his own theme song. We basically cheer for every player by chanting his name and sang along together during his turn to play. Hee. 

I like this maskot very much as he tried so hard to dance.  \OvO/

Left: Cute Kia Tigers maskot                                          Right: Got quiz competition

Super big broadcasting machine.

Passionate crowd (Near cheerleading stage) ^^

Thank you ceremony

Conclusion: A new experience to me even though I am not a baseball person. *sorry!* but I will watch baseball again if I have the chance. (and book near the cheerleading place) Hee.

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