Thursday, August 1, 2013

[Korea Diary] 28th March 2013 + Games

This post should be upload loooooooong time ago. but... I am _ _ _ _. (fill in the blank). XD

20th March 2013

Such a colourful page... This is to disguise the fact that I gained my weight since I come to Korea.  I had gained 2.5kg!!! There is a big electric weight scale below my dormitory and every girl who is free will use it. *sigh* I think I should drink water only from now on. My friends also told me that they had gained weight (the more the better, HA... I am a petty person :P) At least I am not alone but my friend had sore throat and suddenly her weight dropped back to her normal weight. ==

My lecturer did a surprise activity in class. He told us to write Korean essay in 5 minutes and later he will select some students to read out his/her article. My mind blank for a minute and tried to remember more vocabularies to write and grammar to complete it.

Sidenote: The korean classes is meant for level 4 students and I passed level 1 and should be palced in level 2 or 3 class according to their systems but there were no other students like me so they only had level 1 OR level 4 available.

I kept on thinking that I might not be selected so easily since I have no "toto lottery luck winning" life (solely based on own stupid assumptions)... My lecturer told everyone to name himself/herself in "1,2,3,4,5" individually and I am the "3" group.  He wanted to select 1 but later he suddenly changed his mind and asked 3 group to present... Never I thought the number 3 will caused such adrenaline rush to me.

O-O <-- My shitty expression at that time
I think I should go and buy my lottery at that time.
You know? Having problem in writing Korean is my major problem (I turned all the grammars upside down) and reading it in a fluent way is my biggest obstacle. So... I read like a retarded kid by stuttering all the words and the intonations are so weird. When I finished, he calmly said "Good job".

O-O <--Again my shitty expression at how dishonest my lecturer was.
Well, at least he is so kind enough to console me (instead kick me out of this class) so I continue to tebal muka (shamelessly) to stay. Heee...

28th March 2013

I had a "friend-introduce-friends" situation today and I am worried how deadly pan I will be because I warmed up slowly with new friends. Luckily we got closer faster than I thought I would be by eating together. Food, world best enemy and buddy to me. <-slogan?

Big surprise: How bad I am in games. Seriously. I basically lost in every games they introduced to me and I lost every of them. Shitty luck. We went to a game cafe after eating and we paid for 1,500 per person for 1 hour and were free to play any of the board games.

Halli Galli: Kinda like "hear attack" game in Malaysia but you need to keep your mind straight by counting all the fruits available on the table. Sounds easy but my stoned hand always react slow.
Rules here.

Cost: 19,000 won (4-5 persons play)
          24,000 won (5-6 persons)
         Around RM60++

Regretted for not buying it because it was quite expensive to me at that time. Pfft...

Blokus:  I sucked in this game too. *sigh* I played this without much strategy and end up losing.

Quite a static game.

How to play:

Tumblin Monkeys

Rules: The 'tree' has five levels. Six sticks (two of each colour) are threaded through holes around the side of each level. The monkeys are tipped in the top of the tree so that they are suspended by the criss-crossing sticks. Players take it in turns to roll the dice and remove a stick of the corresponding colour from the highest level that still has a stick of that colour. If a player makes a monkey fall out, they get to keep it. If there are no sticks left of the right colour, the player doesn't have to remove a stick that turn.

We later changed to arcade game center to play other games. This was how I got surprised by quiet friend! We played an arcade game where it looked more like "The Hardest Game 2" game and she is so incredible that she passed and win all the mini games in it! She was a little quiet during the gathering because her English is lacking but I totally amazed by her when her hands touched all the buttons like a pro!!! Suddenly she had a spotlight above her head when she played games. (Hallucination of a hand-retarded girl)



  1. wow, your drawing so cute neh~

  2. hahaha! keng ah ur korean!! :D
    those games here also got . so when u come back can play as well!

    1. Really???!!! I wanna buy the Halli Galli? Malaysia got sell that? *tempted~~ o3O