Saturday, March 15, 2014

First Musical Show: LightSeeker in RWS

Well, things happened. (Conclusion?)

Before going in.

Totally didn't anticipated I will watch a musical as I think they are quite pricey for me but I glad I watched it and I found a new interest!!! (Expensive interest indeed)

Totally love their settings and colours. So many different structures and models while each of the performers have different personalities and I have to stay 100% concentrate to look at every of them! 

There are some moments where two of the performers (left and right) swing towards the audience where he actually in front of me! I am so in LUV with the staff who sold me this seat. Hahahaa..

I got a habit that I don't always look at the main characters instead I keep looking at the side characters and sidekicks as I think they are super dedicated performers as well. <--Weirdo

Definitely unlock my spending money achievement already. HAHA.

Here are the details of the show:

The settings that I love the most: 

One of my fav songs:

The Making of: 

 I know I shouldn't take any pictures but the sets are so interesting and I took three of them. Saaaawry!

 - This is the set that I like the most. Like Garden by the Bay to me ^^ -

-Like I were in a concert- 
Beautiful sets

-Thank you ceremony-
Spot those perfect abs *pervert mode* 
I mean girls' abs. Ahem..

I am a happy person.

 -Getting myself a weekend journal to record the place I went-

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