Saturday, March 7, 2015

Tokyo 2014: Asakusa


My first night 2am walk around Asakusa (Quiet night)

First Impression:

Asakusa is a bit far from city but you will get the feeling of small town and away from the town buzz but still have something worth to explore.

After we reached the guesthouse at 1am and settled down, we went out loitering around. My brother did not need sweater at all because the weather is chilling. Really like the environment and I still feel safe if I'm alone(I didn't walked into dark alleys of course). There was some drunk businessmen came out of the restaurants.
There was 3 Family marts and 1 7/11 convenient marts in Asakusa! Woot! How awesome is that. After remembered the locations of all these marts (I'm a fan) and window shopping in these marts, I went to first restaurant to eat. (Yup at 2am. I'm not that hungry though but still gonna try out)

Totally satisfied with the my accommodation location.

Sorry aunty, 
My guesthouse (Khaosan Original)
I have been giving my parents some mentally prepare about how Japan rooms will be not as big as Malaysia does given with its compact popularity but my mom still intimidated with the toilet size (Yup, can't barely move around) and she shied away from getting water from the kitchen because there was other foreigners at the common area. 

For me, I'm really like this accomodation. The location is so near with Sensoji temple which I went there every day (Ahem, more explanations below) and there is bicycle rental services nearby! 
Today luff it!

Too bad the staffs have much hospitality enough because they will only do their things without the talking or just answer your questions. They are helpful but not warm which I'm disappointed because I were hoping to make some new friends.

Khaosan Original (sites)

* Business Hours: 08:00 - 21:00

* Check in time: 15:00 - 21:00

* Check out time: by 11:00 am

Rates: (4 person per room) 2,300 YEN per night



-Shops that have beautiful drawings at the shop gates-

I'm sure the locals in Asakusa see visitors ALWAYS lurking around but I guess they get used to it because I'm THE ONE lurking around. For my 7-days in Tokyo, I woke up early (8am-9am) morning to walk around for the sake of exploring around. 

Mothers ride bicycle with toddlers behind them to send them off to the kindergarten(So cute). Children sit comfortably behind wheels(like a boss). Some fathers walk with their children to send them as well. 

There was some senior citizens playing hockey-style of pool game (a long hammer stick - upside down to hit a tennis-sized ball) in a field. Looked like a serious competition going on. 

After the shops open:



- The streets to Sensoji temple -

During my stays in Tokyo, I did not went into the shopping malls at all (except when there was sunny raining). We just went to flea markets and streets shopping because Singapore has enough H&M and Uniqlo (no thanks). 

We bought a lot of street foods. If you convert the currency into SingDollars, you will eat comfortably. If you convert the currency to RM, you will starve and dehydrated (I'm not rich enough not to care).


Too bad I didn't try out the trishaw service (a bit costly) ;(

Purple: Walking route
Pink: Cycling route

Asakusa IS my neighbourhood.


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