Saturday, March 7, 2015

Tokyo 2014 Part 2 : Dessert! + Tokyo Tower


I didn't actually wanted to try out at this cafe originally because this cafe called WIRED CAFE which I think it is weird to have it at first but guess it is proved to be strategic when I wanted to use free wifi and rest. HA

Heavenly nice dessert

The ice cream is made from yogurt and it may tastes a bit more sour for some people but I felt really excited when I tasted it (like on heroin. Kidding) After my brother and I sent my parents back to the guesthouse to rest while my brother went to Akihabara AGAIN to explore his anime stuffs, finally I have time to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Tokyo Tower

Never really super excited to go to Tokyo tower because it might be overrated by tourists so didn't put this in the itinerary. After my dessert time and the night was still young (9pm), I were thinking why not pay a visit there. I know what's Tokyo tower looks like but when I saw this:

When I stepped out of the subway, I saw this O.O

Totally amazed by it. What a sparkling golden tower! If I live near this place, I can basically stare at this blankly to relax my mind everyday for some time.

A nearer view
I wonder if Paris tower as beautiful as this.                     

Subway Transportation:

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