Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Korea Diary 1st - 11th March

**All the photos in this post belonged to ME. Please do not re-upload and take it as yours. Thank you.**

Time is passing like a lighting and without realise I had spend more than half a month here in Korea. Every day I have many things to juggle but I always remind myself to record every interesting and cute moments I spent with my new friends, housemates and my new discovering.

Alright, bedtime story continues... 
**You have been warned that this article is full of nagging. Nagging overflow**

=====Skip this paragraph if you just want to know I had my passport back in my pocket now===

I left my passport and some cash in my Seoul guesthouse. It was kinda creepy silent moment when the dormitory admin requested a passport from me and suddenly I couldn't heard any more noise in my surroundings but saw a flash of memory I had conveniently tuck the important small purse under my pillow and I had no memory of putting in back to my backpack. I didn't freak out immediately (because I am a slow-motion person XD) but quietly whispered to my friend about it and quickly settled my room check-in and went to my room with my new Korean buddy. 

When I reached my room, I swiftly put my bag on the bed and rummaged all my belongings to confirm my worries. It was in Seoul. >< I told my Korean buddy and asked her to call the guesthouse owner. He said he was busy and he could only send it by next week but I need the passport to do all the administration stuffs in my new university. My auto-reflex system told me not to tell my mom because my mom would become a monster and shout at me continuously  worried but I still chose to tell my mom upon my friend advice and my head was boomed with all my mom scary scoldings.


1st March 2013

In this exchange programme, everyone has a Korean buddy to help us to get used to new surroundings.  My sudden decision to come to my new university make my Korean buddy did not have time to prepare and she said she was embarrassed to welcome me in this condition because she did not wear any make up and she rushed from her home to welcome me. I felt she is a warm person and I still think she is pretty compared to my 4hrs-bus-journey-oily-face-big-specs-cat-fought-hair condition.

My Korean buddy treated me a free meal in a cafe called Africa! Everything here was so expensive if I converted it back to RM in Malaysia. I think I need to tie a belt over my waist to pretend me to eat a lot XD. Strawberry Banana juice used fresh fruit to blend in concentrated amount and the Bulgogi(Pork meat) was delicious! I were so hungry that I half eating and talking at the same time. *lose face*

Not to mention the cafe surroundings was so good that the atmosphere and lighting were so comfortable.

2nd and 3rd March 2013

Anyway I hopped on the bus to Seoul with my friend (my true friend! *nose water dripping*) to get the passport and did a little shopping there as well (?!!!)

=Stickers at Daiso (Subway) when we rushing to catch our bus back. XD =

=500won (RM1.50) mask=

My friend decided to do a quick shopping(2hrs++ :P) behind our university. Apparently the cosmetic shops were always in sale and I bought one to recover my zombie-dry-skin. Regret now for not buying more at that time. TT-TT

One of the cute moments was that in Korea the moisturizer is called as emulsion. When we asked the saleslady about it(in English), the saleslady smile was frozen and turn into a panic attack. Sorry for scare you! She was so panic to speak English so I used my broken Korean and she bombarded me with a long fast Korean sentences. We smiled at each other so frequently during those awkward moment when we both couldn't find word to express ourselves. Communication breakdown!!!

5nd and 6th March 2013

Today I walked into the wrong class and sit among those Master graduate students. The lecturer was baffled to see me in his class and I consistently insisted I had registered his class! Suddenly out of the blue I realised it was not my class and I had to make my exit so "grand" because the class was small. 

Late Night Supper!
One things that is convenient in dormitory is that delivery is so fast and delicious! Got free supper by our new Korean housemates and we chatted in English and body language. ^^

Korea Photo-Taking
The passport background in Korea is white and mine is blue. == Had to break my piggybank to go shop to take my photo. The photo taking in Korea is so professional(photoshopped a lot XD) that I couldn't recognised myself when I got back my photos the next day. 

I wouldn't show you my photoshopped beautiful photo! :P

10th and 11th March 2013

Went to Homeplus (there was a Tesco beside the name) and bought some groceries. I didn't bought a lot because the price was still not really that cheap in Malaysia. I guessed I have to live like a bimbo here. *sigh*

Bought this two brand Ramyeon after we stood aside and start people counting the amount of people took the brand considered the winner. XD
This trick
did not worked because the right side brand taste very complicated. (Not really that bad but the smell is weird) The left brand taste... normal. *Bummmmm*

=컵밥 Photo posted in Facebook=

One of the Korean housemate treated us a supper again! This is called 컵밥 (keop bap - cup rice).  We felt a little embarrassed for her treat because we didn't get a chance to treat her back. She is so cute and she got excited when she told us that her lecturer introduce Durian and Malaysia today and she immediately think of us. Awwww....   We told her our love for Durian is same as their love for Kimchi ---- only locals like to eat. XD


P/s: Sorry for always post food in my facebook page recently during late night. 
My intention is to make you all fat together with me and I will continue to do this evil act XD.


  1. I know how u feel when entered the wrong class because I often bummed into wrong class. curse~
    * embarrassed***

  2. I like how you write down all your experience..with pictures. kewl...