Monday, March 4, 2013

Korea Diary 26th-28th Feb

**All the photos in this post belonged to ME. Please do not re-upload and take it as yours. Thank you.**

Sorry for the inconsistent update recently! I am going to Korea for travel and study purpose (yay!) and I think I have difficulty to update my blog with weekly drawing until things settle down. 
So, do you miss me? *sexy voice* Heh.

I always do a travel book whenever I travel so that I can remember where is all my fats gained from write down some memorable moments.  In February, I visited Seoul and because this is not the first time my friend and I visit Seoul, so this time I only pick some place I wanna go only.


I planned NOTHING for it before I went. I gonna backpacking! Hehya! 

26th Feb 2013

Close shots:

This day was the day we moved our luggage to my friend's place. Little did we knew that there was no elevator in most of the subways! I had 17.5kg luggage and a laptop backpack with me and my friend had 20.1kg (She just exceeded the luggage limit by 0.1kg o-O!), a DSLR camera bag and a backpack. We basically looked like a HIPPO. ==

My luggage lock was a little broken and my friend's backpack strip was broken too. Yeah, we are disaster couple. Disaster hippos. The people in subway (especially when they reached is no joke), you sandwiched between people in a blink seconds and you miraculously in moved to different place without realised.

We decided to lepak (wander) at coffee shop before we went back to our guesthouse. We decided to high tea at this late hour (11:00pm) and see if we had a chance to meet some cute guys. XD
In case you don't know, I think Paris Baguette is one of the largest bakery shop in Korea. The place is lovely. The cakes, sandwiches, breads are so deliciously looking and mouth-watering but we did not buy anything because they are all label in CALORIES beside the price. Evil, evil...

Managed to meet some foreigners in the guesthouse. I talked a little while with a cute girl from Hungary and she was studied in Japan. o.o How international. When I continued to update my book in the kitchen, there was actually a British-looking guy watching movie in the room too. I did nothing but continued to write my travel diary. (== Picture said otherwise?)

27th Feb 2013

We went to Bukchon Hanok Village. Not gonna introduce it here in details, go google it (lazy). We did not set any alarm clock in this trip because we did not want to work like hell although we were ACTUALLY HOLIDAYING.  So, we dilly-dally around the guesthouse until we decided to move our butt to begin our journey. ^^

There are 8 sights deem as the best camera shot by don't-know-who so every tourist was looking down for the sign. Luckily we went there early(?) so there were not many tourist at the sight or else my photo were swamped with a lot of people. Everyone wanted to step on the sign then only they could take picture. So basically they are queuing up to step on a thing. HA, weird huh?

I were determined to look for a cafe called COMMA CAFE in Hongdae later at night to high tea (again?) because I were mesmerized by their big book wall shelves. It is soooooo BIG! I went through a lot of troubled to find it and even the taxi driver rejected to fetch me to the place even though I showed him the address. pfffft... My friend and I walked around Hongdae Exit 1 and 9 (just opposite each other) for more than half and hour to look for it in the freezing cold weather and asked some panic Korean girls ( because we speak in English and little Korean) but they were cute because they calling each other "bonchun ya!"(silly) when they were pointing different direction to us. XD

Finally found this place and it was in Hongdae subway exit 2! Just BESIDE it!!!! We shouted when we finally found it (like EUREKA!) because we nearly missed it because we were looking far when we out from exit 2. (==|||) 

This was actually a shooting scene of one my favourite drama "King of drama" and the book in the cafe all had 50% discount! Without I realised, I lost some money and I got myself a book. Hee~

28th Feb 2013
Nothing special happenned today but travelled from Seoul to Gwangju to my university (4 hours)

I left my passport in my guesthouse.


A good cliffhanger, right? XD


  1. wow!! means u will be in Korea from now onwards? and omg ur passport how?!

  2. Yup! I will be in Korea for some time. ^^
    I went to Seoul again to take the passport (and shop a little) XD but my wallet was crying... TT-TT

  3. Hi! First time visit your blog and I love it a lot!!!!!