Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Weird Sound


Don't why my stomach keep on growling.... At first, I thought I were hungry so I ate a lot. =X
The sound was so loud even my new China friend was so curious and she kept on asked me if I heard the weird sound. Nothing will tear open my mouth to confess the sound was from me! 
Will it be settled if I passes out more gases? XDDD
Do anyone has similar experience? Anyone? Anyone?
Any solution to solve this embarrassment? 
I am a little embarrassed when my stomach growled continuously......  @@ *Grrrrr....*


  1. i think everyone also pernah kena before, even me..hahahahahah soo loud everyone can hear,,,but what to do worrrr...yeap maybe gas..too much kimchi maybe?? lol

    1. Maybe I will be fine if I pass out more "Kimchi" flavour gas. XD

  2. Drink ginger water, it helps! And eat onions! Lots of them!

  3. Hey hey~ you commented on my blog so I decided to check yours out!
    I love your drawings! > u <
    Hehe, I also have this problem!
    Sometimes my stomach likes to make noises even when I have already eaten a lot! :(

    1. Finally there is someone same as me! *touched~~ ^^

  4. in that case i need to wear a noise cancelation stomach cover cause i constantly hungry especially when it's cold :(