Monday, May 6, 2013

[Jeju] Sum Guest House

What makes a wonderful journey? 
Sometimes the people you met during your travel probably was the highlight of the trip.
I not sure since when I begin to choose guesthouse as my accommodation instead of hotel anymore. Cheap and home comfy is how I put it. I like guesthouse with decoration ideas.

I had travelled to Jeju for 4nights 3 days. Sorry for not upload any decent post recent because I were busy travelled. (Hee...) My diary book is lack of updates and I always struggled to finish updates but couldn't because I really went to a lot of places recently. Muahahaha... (<-got hit for being so braggy)

I went to Sum Guesthouse in Jeju and most of the staffs know basic English. See the one with cap in the picture? He knows English.(?) The luggages piled stacked in front of the counter was my friends and I. HA.

The reception (spoiled by my messy luggages XD)

The reception from a bit far view( and AGAIN spoiled by my messy luggages XD)

The resting area.

My favourite table in the resting area. 

The kitchen packed with all the unlimited cup noodles, juices, coffees and breads for breakfast.
(The cup noodles is yummy!)

I love their internal design of the guesthouse.

WOW factor:
They have so many stamps for you to stamp it in your book ( you can buy one Jeju Passport book to stamp too) and they are also provide the ink pad (with ink refill at the side) so no worries you have the stamps but no ink! (I encountered that tons of times ==)


It is kinda epic fail when I forgot take the room picture. Pffft...
I lived stayed there for 3 days (60,000) and book via

I actually booked dorm styled room(female only) for 3 days but some problems came out with the booking so the staff was apologetic to us and he let us to stay 2 days at their family room and 1 day in dorm room. (3 days accommodation turned out to be lesser than 60,000won because he had discounted for us. Yay!)

Family room for Day 01 and 02
This room is really large and comfy. ^^

Dorm style for Day 03
Lockers are provided too.

Powder room (female only)
Apparently SUM guesthouse boss know how girls tend to take a long time to get dress up so they provide a special powder room for us! Hehe... I forgot to take photos at that time because many girls were busy hairdryer their hair and makeup. ^^

Sum Guesthouse provides a detail bus routes and time schedules and you can ask them for that! I am really impressed by their systematic info! '

Additional Service and info:
1) They also provide laundry service and free wifi (and computers too) in the resting area. 
2) They have the game called Halli Galli on the table and you are free to play too!
3) You can write your comments on their books to show your gratitudes ^^
4) I think the real charm of a guesthouse is you interact with other backpackers or staffs during your visit. Getting know more friends is never a bad thing. (The last time I tried, I went to Mt. Hallasan unplanned for 9 hours and got myself sore legs. XD)

How to get there:
I went to Jeju by cruise and I reached at their Jeju International Terminal (제주국제적터미널).  I took a taxi to the place and it costs around 4900won. You can actually told the taxi driver to go to Local Bus Terminal because the guesthouse located opposite the bus terminal(look for the signboard at the corner after you cross the road) and I think it is very convenient.

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