Sunday, May 26, 2013

[Korea] Damyang Trip

Damyang County (Damyang-gun) is an county in Jeollanam-doSouth Korea. Bamboo goods and strawberries are well-known local products of this highly touristic area.

Hee. Wikipedia stuff.
Damyang is a place of bamboo and it is near to Gwangju so I decided to go there. End of story. XD 

=> Seoul (Central Terminal) → Gwangju (U-Square), bus every 5 to 10 minutes, (3.5 hour duration) Gwangju (U-Square) → Damyang Passenger Bus Terminal, jikhaeng (direct) bus or buses 311/322 every 10 to 20 minutes (40 minute duration) 

If you are looking for some place to go and you are near Jeollanamdo, you can go to Damyang.  The time I went there, there was a festival going on. It is called the Bamboo Festival. HA. Straight forward thingy. 

Finally I drank the Makgeolli. Taste a little bit like  Heneiken beer. Looked like white cloudy liquid. I were accepting well but my friends kinda dislike it. So, all the Makgeolli went into my golden bowl. 

The sun was burning hot so I bought the Choco ice-cream and I regretted it the second I had to suck out the chocolate by bitting the hard thick plastic. I gave up and wait for the sun melting power to melt the choco ice so I could suck it. 

See the green thing? It is a water shooting gun. My friend bought it and we were blur on how to use it at first. The little kid was more expert than us and he taught us. *facepalm*

See the moustache guy? He dragged us into the dancing parade to dance with them. We thought it was fun but after 10 minutes we wanted to leave the dancing pool, he stopped us! It was funny to me but my friends thought this was a little creepy for them. XD

Little fur-ball soldiers. (Lame naming)

means Green Bamboo Forest

Cute guy(?) back view?

Got a small whistle as a prize.

This made me remembered one of Stephen Chow movies. 

2,000 won (RM6) for a handkerchief. O.O

This lady was serving a tea session with two foreigners and I think these 2 foreigners did not understand what she had said at all. My friend helped her to translate some words to the foreigner but too bad the ahjumma used too many complicated word and my friend was tongue-tied. XD Wished to help but not sure how to translate it.

Fan making

Lee Seunggi 's was participated in this variety program before and they went here last time. Most of the hosts had been replaced. T-T

But this place still look nice for couples.

In fact, I think destination is not the main focus of their trip. Heh. Saw many couples around and they all extremely in huggy-huggy mode. 

Thought if wanna introduce this place beside Seoul and you might interested to come here if you have the chance. ^^


  1. The fan is very pretty! How long more u gonna b in Korea? So u can speak quite a bit by now ? Korean girls are really slim !! :D

    1. Haha... I can speak a little Korean. ^^
      Still got one month++ left in Korea only... T-T

  2. That is a long post
    I like ur cute drawing

    1. Thank you for your support. I always attracted by your food posts. Haha..

    2. Thank you for your support. I always attracted by your food posts. Haha..