Thursday, May 9, 2013

Korea Diary 12th-16th March

**All the photos in this post belonged to me. Please do not re-upload and take it as yours. Thank you.**

12th March 2013
Getting used to the student life here in Korea. All the students here ARE FASHIONABLE.  All the girls legs are slim and long. No joking. Their legs are LONG. Everyday play as a peeking tom to hamsup  

Because I cannot changed my short legs (pathethic, sigh I know... ><) so I went to play badminton in our university. 2,000 won for 1 hour play. Sweating out is good for body and eating after exercise is good for body too. (who say?) XD 

We strolled around the school after badminton play and talked Cantonese + mandarin + Malays (when we suspect the person in front of us was Chinese. Heh.) Suddenly a guy came out of no where showed up and asked us if we were from China. We said no and said we were from Malaysia. 

He said: " Good!  Tell me more about Malaysia! I want to know more about it! Come and sit on the bench near the pond!".

**Seriously I don't know whats he was up to and he had the suspiciously looking files hidden under his coat. And there were a lot of couples dating around the pond and what for I sat with a ahjussi (uncle) at the pond?!!!

He talked for a long time and asked a bunch of questions and the mysterious files still had not showed up so my friend and I simply told him we need to get going to meet friends to escape. I still wondered what was his intention? Weird.

13th March 2013

The weather in March was still freezing cold and the strong wind blowed never failed to make your teeth chattering. Getting used to the FREE food (Yay!) food in dormitory food. Well, it was the dorm food and sometimes the food sucked and we ended up fried chicken delivery to cure our sad stomach. XD

If you wondered where I gained my fats from. Here is it.

The books here are expensive. TT-TT 
Money gone money $$$

15th March 2013

Today my korean buddy took me to have a campus tour. We walked around the university and she explained to me some history. I don't remember them all actually. Wore skirts today since.... 2 years ago? Too used of wearing jeans and seemed to be awkward to wear skirts again. Maybe born to be manly? pffft...

Some guys and girls were playing near our school fountain and they all kinda dare each other to walk into the fountain to celebrate the spring arrival although it still freaking cold to me at that time.  

Halgeum is Korean traditional instrument and my Korean housemate showed me her halgeum skill!
It looked kinda like China Er Hu but they have some places differences. She played a few songs to us and we were impressed! Really amazed by those who have musical brain cells. I think mine.... didn't even exist before. LOL

16th March 2013

We went to Gwangju Folk Museum and Art Museum since some friends recommended us to go. Never thought I actually GOING to MUSEUM. Turned out it was an enjoyable small getaway. We saw a small forest of small maehwa and it was indeed pretty! I only see fake maehwa during CNY and nothing could beat the real one! We ventured a lot time at the Maehwa forest. Heh...

When we walked to the museum, two of my friends started to sing some chinese songs. Felt like I were on a school trip again. ^^

The entrance fee of Art museum and Folk museum were around 2,000won. 

A kind old man kindly be our tour guide of Folk Museum and he had explained a lot of the stories to us. He seems to be in his seventies and he were learning English to communicate with foreigner. *salute* 

One of the most memorable artifacts in the museum was Dutch's wife. It is a pillow that guys would use during Summer and they were willing to hug it rather than their wife because the weather was hot. Funny but I will kick my hubby if this was the case. +v+

P.s. Will upload more soon after I back from Busan. Cheers.


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